Sandbalsting calipers


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Am i mad or stoopid or is this a good idea???

so my clean S3 has been let down by previous owners. the calipers are black with tacky S3 decals but with previous red paint coming through.

Due to me being a tightass, and always looking for a cheap option, im considering leaving the calipers on the car and purchasing a portable sandblaster, which i can hook up to my compressor and giving them a quick sandblast so i can paint them black properly.

good idea or am i being a div?


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leaving them on the car whilst blasting sounds like a bad idea to me, personally i'ld whip them off then blast/paint them then reassemble (good excuse for uprated pads?)


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FYI i can spell sandblasting just have fat fingers.

i need to do disks and pads all round anyway so can take em off easily enough whilst its on the ramp.


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Just had mine sand blasted i left the piston and seals in and get an extra bleed nipple to cover the fluid inlet and all is good,i then replaced all the seals and lubed up the pistons..

darren t

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Might aswell get them done properly take them off if not done perfect they will look the same in a year! Here's mine after powdercoating the new sticker on lol look beautiful


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darren t

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[Dave B];1959090 said:
Who powder coated those? I may be in the market for something similar :eyebrows:
local powder coaters called bournes powder coaters in Birmingham new brembo service kit and special high temp vinyl stickers of ebay put them on and baked sticker on in oven!

darren t

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[Dave B];1959344 said:
Cheers Darren, what did it set you back (if you don't mind me asking)?
25 each caliper and kit for seals ect was 50 so 100 pounds all in and 5 pounds for brembo stickers could have any colour!