Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps problems


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Hope someone on here has maybe came across this problem before-My Galaxy S6 is intermittently playing up whereby my apps will close whenever I open them,this includes contacts and settings etc.
Have cleared cache and also carried out a full reset-it was ok for a day or so but has started to do the same again now.
Anyone any ideas?


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I had this happen on my S5.

It was down to a faulty SD card, however, as the S6 doesn't have an external card slot, it could be faulty internal memory.

Open the phone dialer and type *#0*# This will open the built in diagnostics, try running the tests to see if this throws anything up.


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On a somewhat related topic, is Samsung good? I mean, brands like OnePlus seem so much better and at a fair price too. Samsung just isn't what it used to be. It was never good, that's my opinion, it's just that back in 2010-2011 we didn't have anything better.