samco hoses?


S3 8V saloon... APR Stage 2....(-:
is it worth upgrading to samco hoses? the cars mapped to 265ish. the hoses seem very easy to squash so im thinking they would prob miss shape under high boost.
also how much and which ones are most important?


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well mate I'd say it's worth it especially if you're thinking of upping the boost. These are the ones that I've got and thinking of getting. They are a bit expensive though, but you can look around and see the different makes:

I just need the TIP (Turbo intake pipe) which might be the first one you should change as you've got a remap


You’re Dethpicable!!
They got them in a lot of colours, black as well. Can't remember how much but over £100 for each piece roughly, and when I ordered I had to wait 6weeks for them to make them as they had none in stock. I got mine from


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Just fitted my new forge TIP, got it from DPM....THANKS!!

Looks really good, maybe pulls a little better now, sounds like it is sucking more air?air can get in quicker!?!?!

Changed some of the crappy rubber hoses for silicone while i was at it too.

Will post some piccys when i fuigure out how to do it!

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we supply sfs and forge pm me for details available in many colours sfs items available verY quickly