Saloon boot light / boot open warning SOLVED


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Just thought I'd create a thread to help anyone having the same issue I was having.

Basically when my boot lid was opened beyond half way the boot light would go out. Furthermore if I open the boot with the button on the fob (while the rest of the car was locked) the alarm would go off when I shut it again - annoying!!

The issue; the wiring running up the left hand side of the boot had broken and frayed cables. I had to re solder the broken wires and insulate the fraying wiring wires. I'm going to get it looked at properly as I suspect my soldering skills wont stand the test of time.

The way the wiring loom flexes and bundles in the hinge seems to wear the wires out (kind of like when you are trying to snap a credit card).

There are lots of posts about the rear lights being faulty, which points faulty wiring but none mentioned my specific issue.


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