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Q3 Safety recall

pburv Oct 19, 2019

  1. pburv

    pburv Registered User

    Hi all.
    Just thought I would post up a little info on a safety recall notice I received in the post today..
    It seems there is an issue with the front LED turn signal. If it fails then there is a possibility it won't show up with a fault on your dash also no acoustic warning given.
    Apparently the remedy Audi have for this is ... 97DK- software update for the body control module .
    The wife's car is a 67 plate (2018) model TFSI 2.0l S line.
    Hope this will be of help to anyone who owns a Q3.
    Not sure if this covers other Q3 models. If so then I am sure you will be notified by Audi soon.
    :thumbs up:
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  3. alanyork

    alanyork Registered User

    Got mine this morning, RSQ3, 66 plate.
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