Sachs Performance, an organic disc clutch part nr 881861999878. Bad things :(


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Hi guys,

I need help with a clutch. A friend of mine was driving my car and he made a mistake during changing a gear, he pushed 1-st against 3-rd gear and the center hub spline on clutch disc mount had damaged. The gears are little bit wiped off (see picture below).The center hub spline need to be replaced.

This clutch disc have only 10k km so its worth to fix.

I have a big request if someone have an used / useless disc with the same number 881861999878 and want to help me, please let me know here or by sending private message. I'll be grateful.

Sach Performance S3 8P 240mm, 23gears of center hub spline.






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Wow, That must have been a face plant on the dashboard. TBH If it's done that much damage to the hub other parts of the clutch plate may have been damaged. It's hard to tell but some of the rivets used to hold the plates together look to have moved. It's has likely stretched the mounting holes and there may be fractures that you can't see.
I presume the plan will be to drill out the rivets and replace the hub and then rivet it all back together.


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Yep I know how to fix a disc clutch but I need another one with good center hub spline. Actually it was his car. Gearbox had been damaged and at the engine a few exhaust's springs gone out and two exhaust valves had bent :)
He gave me this clutch so I'm trying to find solution and fix it.

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