Sachs clutch... seems cheap?

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I've been doing some googling to find the best (read cheapest) place for a Sachs organic clutch for my S3 to replace the standard one that is currently slipping (car is mapped), and came across this:|Model:A3|Cars+Year:2011|Plat_Gen:8P1|Cars+Type:S3+quattro&hash=item4d4c2ecae5:g:NMcAAOSwYIxX9F8U

It seems far too cheap compared to the listing on Awesome GTI. Does someone wiser than me know if this is the right part? Or are there other parts making up the kit that aren't included? I'm a bit of a clutch noob!

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Mark S

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Yep it's an S3 and I thought that seemed too good to be true! I'll check both of those places out.

I'm just looking to replace the clutch at the moment, unsure on the flywheel. If I do then I'll probably go for the LUK one as I won't be chasing performance beyond what I already have so no need for an upgrade



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Just had mine done and fitted last Thursday. Still bedding in at the moment.
I put a post up with part numbers not long ago.
I got the 3 piece clutch kit, which is slave cylinder, pressure plate and friction plate with cover bolts for £530 from Mark a BroTek. The flywheel I got for £245 off eBay. And flywheel bolts off euro car parts for roughly £5. Cheapest I found.