S8 variations


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Hi all,

I am looking at buying an S8 and hoping you can clear up some queries that I have:-

1) Besides the chrome strip on the front and rear bumpers, different headlights, chrome surround on the lower grill, smaller buttons below the three vents and a Sat Nav screen with triptronic steering controls standard on the post facelift (as well as 20 extra BHP) are there any differences between the pre-post face lift models?

2) I found an ad for a 1998 model (Ronin interior/exterior colour scheme) with triptronic and the 4:3 sat nav screen found on the 2000 plus cars, were these options that no one seemed to go for on all of the other 1997/8 cars I have seen listed?

3) Wikipedia 'Audi S8' states the facelifted cars appeared in 2001. I have seen 1999/2000 cars that have the chrome strips on the bumpers, and other facelifted goodies etc. Is there a clear cut off date between the pre/post facelifted cars or is the information on Wikipedia wrong?

4) Did the spec on the 1998 to the 2001 cars change that much or was it a case that more of the options came as standard?

5) Besides the bigger wheels is there much of a difference to set the 18" Avus wheeled 2001 to a Final Edition 2002 apart from a 'striking' coloured interior?

thanks in advance



I think the face lift models also had fog lights and hence a slightly different lower n/s & o/s grill panel