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S6 V10 oil consumption problem

Veseli1094 Aug 23, 2020

  1. Veseli1094

    Veseli1094 Registered User

    Hi guys/girls.

    new problem today again

    After changing starter and alternator last month (29.07), today i go to inspect oil and i found no oil on dipstick (it was on max on 29.07). I took oil and put inside 2.2 L +/- and it was on middle of dipstick after that. When i come back in house and i calculated that i drove about 2000 km / 1250 miles between full and adding 2.2 L i was shocked. I was dripping oil on ground few months ago but mechanic sorted that out by changing few gaskets and now i dont drip any.
    and i notice when i was coming back from holiday that on mountain roads or entering highway when i fully step on accelerator there is some smoke going from left exhaust tip just for like 2-3 second and after that i tryed more times do that but there was no more smoke. And as before in some posts i mention that my rear left exhaust tip is chrome and every few hundred km it gets black. And my mechanic told me that there is some oil dots between engine and transmission but he thinks that this is not leaking that much at all that is worth repairing it couse engine is needed to go down.

    So my question is WTF i should do? I wanted to go to Audi dealer but i am afraid of getting info that engine needs to be replaced.
    What can couse this oil consumption? If it is Cylinder wall can it be repaired somehow and not to replace whole engine?

    Please help guys!!!

    (despite a good experience with the car, the sound of the engine and the quality of the ride I think I will probably sell it after this if it is worth selling it if not i will tear it down for parts and then sell it)
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  3. m_voong

    m_voong Registered User

    Did you check the oil level when it was cold or after it was warm? I don’t know how much difference the measurement would be but in the manual it instructs measurement to be taken 2 mins after engine is warmed and shut off


    If you can I would also look to take off the engine undertray (personally I would just leave it off) and see how much oil there actually is. If it was really consuming that much and leaking you should see this very easily and then you will know what state it’s in.

    There is one (relatively) easy to fix oil leak which is the cam solenoid valves which leaks oil past the o-rings. If you see some oil at the top of the engine then that could be your culprit. This video shows you how to do that.

    Unfortunately the other oil leak culprits are much harder to get to and fix (cam cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket, oil cooler o-rings etc, ). You may want to get an oil die kit to see if you can spot where the leak is coming from which will narrow down what the problem is. This link explains what some of those could be and how to fix.


    Hope that helps - I have a small leak myself but it’s not too bad at the moment. I think in my case it’s my oils cooler o-rings which is a big job but manageable so I will try that myself. Like you I love the noise and performance and it hasn’t gotten me down yet but if I end up chasing oil leaks then that could quickly change. Good luck trying to resolve it

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