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S6 questions

Carlos85 Feb 3, 2020

  1. Carlos85

    Carlos85 Registered User

    Hello again! I used to have a B8 S4 avant and moved on to my current car (Jaguar XFR) and now I am thinking of moving back into an estate potentially an S6 avant. I am just wondering how common the gearbox issues that the early S4’s suffered with are in the S6, I would like to tune the car to stage 1 (comparable to the XFR) probably with some exhaust mods as well and I don’t want to move to something that’s going to prove to be unreliable/expensive! I have seen a pre facelift 12 plate S6 that’s very highly specced with almost every option and 30k on the clock. Is the pre facelift less reliable than the facelift gearbox wise?

    Thanks in advance,


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