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S6 Avant rarity

Jonnie May 2, 2018

  1. Jonnie

    Jonnie Member

    I’ve just been looking at S6 Avants on AutoTrader and there are only 9 for sale yet there are 149 RS6 Avants.

    Seems like great value for money used but with so few for sale finding the right spec is nearly impossible.

    Is there any reason why there are so few used S6 Avants for sale? Strange that there’s 15 RS6 Avants for each S6 Avant.
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  3. Andy350z

    Andy350z Member Team Floret Silver Team V8 Team Sepang Audi S4 Audi S6

    They are that good, no one wants to sell them :) At least that is what I hope as I have new one on order!

    I think they are over shadowed by the RS6, so are often over looked, as if you are going to be running a turbo V8 you may as well go for the RS

    But with deals I got on one of the last S6 deals it made sense.
  4. Jonnie

    Jonnie Member

    That does seem like it could be a valid reason, using the rough figures from Howmanyleft.co.uk it looks like there’s over 400 registered so for less than 10 of those to be for sale seems a little low.

    That and the RS6 seems to actually be surprisingly common (relatively of course) as there are more for sale on autotrader than any other RS car for the 2012-2017 model years.

    Congrats on the new car by the way!
  5. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Well-Known Member

    If my saloon is anything to go by you are going to be a very happy man Andy.


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