S6 4.2 V8 or A6 2.7 T quattro???


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Hi guys

Just got rid of my Mk2 Octavia vRS which was fully modded and running in the region of 270-280hp, however even with all the chassis mods and top tyres, it could only manage to get the power down cleanly in perfect conditions.

Soooo, Im on the trawls for a 4wd motor, it also needs to be around the 300hp region, or tunable to that output with out changing internals/turbos etc. exhausts/intakes/intercoolers are fine though.
The likes of the Impreza and lancer evo etc are a no go, due to their tonker toy interior.

So the short list at the moment is looking at a Volvo S60R and the Mazda 6MPS. Have considered the A4 2.0TFSI but that isnt going to get me the power im after without changing the turbo as it has the same engine as my vRS did which had everything available on the market bolted to it.

However on my travels i saw an S6 4.2V8. Well within my price range for a car, the power is where i want it to be, and im not that bothered about fuel economy, however ive tried to find an independent review online but to no avail at all, nor any comparisons against its rivalry.
Few questions:
1-How are they for servicing costs, incl cambelt, brakes etc?
2-Any issues i would need to be aware of?
3-How would you guys say they handle, and has anybody uprated any parts to say that of an RS6 for instance?

The other thing is, i noticed there is also an A6 2.7 T quattro available. Now this with a remap would potentially be within the 300hp region, and over it with an exhaust system id imagine. How do these compare to the S6 and which one would you guys recommend. Id presume the S6 has a much better suspension/ARB setup, sound and better interior etc, but with some upgrades could the 2.7T be as good?

Also what about the servicing costs for this as well?

Thanks in advance


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S6 is autobox though so always going to be a concern

have you looked at an S4 - are they too small?

after that you have the allroad 2.7T quattro - find a manual and that is a good mix

the a6 2.7T are not as well specced usually so look a plain to me