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S5 v8 problem p0106 then p1068

Shocker May 11, 2018

  1. Shocker

    Shocker Active Member

    My s5 has been running a little rough for a few weeks
    At first I thought it was the tesco fuel but have now put a few tanks of shell v/power through it and it was still hesitating etc
    This morning when on my private runway and going for a top speed run which I can normally hit 170
    Well today at 148 I’d coughed and engine light came on
    Fault code was p0106 map sensor out of range ( garage has told me the s5 doesn’t have a map sensor and takes it from the maf and the throttle position )
    I cleared this and it never came back but car still rough
    I did notice that the little stainless levers in front of the engine seemed jammed
    I have unjammed them and they move as per they should even giving the click when they move shut as google tells me it should
    But after that I suddenly got code p1068 intake air switch over value n335 open circuit
    I have checked this valve and all seems ok even checked wiring and it goes open and close when it should
    I was going to buy a new valve but can’t seem to find out much about them
    Can anyone shed any light on these valves or is it a stealer visit
    Cheers Don
    Last edited: May 11, 2018

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