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S5 to RS5 (B9) brake conversion

Marc A Nov 21, 2020

  1. Marc A

    Marc A Marc A

    Hi all

    New to forum and new B9 S5 Sportback owner.

    Has anyone converted their B9 S5 front brakes to a RS5 kit? Any suggestions on best place to buy pre-owned (I'm on a budget) and fit around the East London area? AmD tuning has been recommended to me.

    I'm not very happy with the braking performance on the car, but it could need a brake fluid change. I would have assumed this would have been done by the independent dealer I bought it from a couple of weeks back as part of their "175-point check" but wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't done.

    Any other suggestions for quick improvements on braking e.g. Better brake pads?

    Also would anyone have a link to the full parts list for the B9 Sportback?


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