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S5 Navarra Blue with Red Magma Nappa?

CarlG1546 Apr 26, 2018

  1. CarlG1546

    CarlG1546 New Member

    I ordered my S5 Sportsback a couple of weeks ago and it will be going into build soon so there is still a short window to still make changes. My question is, I have also gone for red seats. Is this an odd combination?
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  3. DrEskimo

    DrEskimo Well-Known Member

    Yes....but then I’m not sitting in it so it doesn’t really matter what I think :p

    I think red seats are hideous on any colour car, but the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things, so if you like the look, embrace it and enjoy it!
  4. DaveTM

    DaveTM New Member

    I like red seats :)
  5. Blessed_Badger

    Blessed_Badger Member

    I’ve got the Magma Red seats, but with Mythos Black and love them. Was really worried once I’d ordered and during the wait for delivery I tried everywhere to find some to look at (and couldn’t!) and very nearly changed to black on a number of occasions. So glad I didn’t as I love them, and think they really brighten up the interior without being too ‘tacky’. I’m not a ‘showy off’ kind of person and like to keep things understated and think the Magma seats are perfect!

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  6. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi RS5 Owners Group

    Magma and Sepang = no. Superman’s crotch.
    Magma and Navarra = yes. The blue is dark enough that it won’t clash.

    In general red interiors work better with neutral colours but as Navarra is almost a navy blue that should work.

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