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well as lockdown is still here for some of us, the cars are being ever more cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned again. It's been a chance to layer wax on like Mr Miyagi.....

and a gratuitous shiny shot

Every time I see that phat *** I think damn I miss mine :(


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Where the sound deadening slots into the bonnet on the underside in the engine bay the edges have all got a crusty edge. If it's anything like the ur quattro's of old these suffer with the leading edges rusting out, so to future proof that ever happening i thought i'd tackle it and give it a fighting chance.


Sound deadening removed and hoovered


All areas were attacked with a grinder with a wire brush attachment and then the edges were feathered out. Then the bare metal had BiltHamber Deox gel applied and left to sit for a couple of hours.


Then zinc primer, followed by a high build primer.


and then the top coat


All in all took about 6 hours this morning, it's not like there's a rush to go anywhere at the moment so it's a great time to get all these little fiddly jobs done.....

I want to redo the cam covers, inlet manifold and a general tidy up around the engine next, if i'm removing all them then i'll do a carbon clean whilst i'm in there.....


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having renovated the drivers side headlight a while ago, the old school way of varying grades of wet and dry down to 3000 grit, and then polished to death. To be fair i lost the will to live having spent ages and ages rubbing the surface until it was improved i didn't have the enthusiasm to do the passenger.....
Spurned on by seeing what others have done recently i felt it was time to try the Autoglym headlight restoration kit...


and today i set to.... like others with the B8 A5/S5 headlights as they are ventilated varying levels of crud, dust, small animals etc accumulate inside the headlight


there were a few specs of dust, but it bugged me... sadly the the headlights are not easy to split as others are in the Audi range, even baking them in the oven isn't successful.... So headlight removed and all covers off on the rear to see if there was a path through for a pokey stick to be worked and prodded...
Armed with a piece of TIG welding wire and some cotton buds i came up with this


and snaked it through the back till i made a difference


There went 2 hours of my life i'll never get back...!!! EXTREME care is needed that you don't scratch the inside of the lens or the black trim at the bottom, they mark far to easy, ask me how i know...!!!

Headlight back into place so it could be held securely....


This is what the passenger side started out like and onto unboxing the restoration kit, the Autoglym kit was well packaged and contained 1, drill attachment, 6no 800 grit discs, 6no 1500 grit, 1no 2000, 1no 3000, a foam pad polishing, a microfibre and a small bottle of polish.
I tried the drill attachment on a battery powered drill and started with a 800 grit as there were a few small stonechips.... the 800 wasn't man enough to cut into that and i found the using a drill for sanding awkward, the attachment really needs to suit a polishing machine type attachment.
Luckily i already have a 60mm velcro backing pad for my DA, so i used that and went to it with 800 grade pads.... they had absolutely no cut, so they got binned and i went old school...
800 grit wet and dry, cut into small pieces and some soapy water and sanded the lens until all the marks were gone....
I then went onto the 1500 grade and they were ok, they removed the previous 800 grade marks but not totally.
I would have rathered the 800 and 1500 grade to be suitable for a water application to prevent heat build up and not dry, they clogged to quickly and having tried a water application the glue which held the abrasive to the velco bit let go.... so that didn't work.
Out came the 1500 wet and dry until all the previous marks were gone....
The 2000 grit pad could have a water application and that and the 3000 grit worked very well....
A final polish with the white foam pad on my DA and the supplied polishing compound resulted in a decent level of clarity....


The kit was ok, but it wasn't great and definitely not worth the £25 it cost... there certainly wouldn't have been enough to do 2 headlights... which was a shame as i want to doo the TT's headlights.... A range of bodyshop grade 3M Trizact discs, which i know i can get in grades ranging from 600 down to 3000 in a 75mm size...


but it kept me busy for a day.....


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Good results :)
I prefer the wet sanding by hand too, followed by a good couple of passes with the rotary, then seal with CquartUK ceramic coating.
Recently tried the kits like you and thought they sucked in honesty and a waste of money.

What did you use to seal them and protect them from yellowing up?


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Good results :)
I prefer the wet sanding by hand too, followed by a good couple of passes with the rotary, then seal with CquartUK ceramic coating.
Recently tried the kits like you and thought they sucked in honesty and a waste of money.

What did you use to seal them and protect them from yellowing up?

Thank you.... I wax them first then a coat of this


never had any issues with yellowing, but then each time the bodywork is waxed I redo the headlights also.


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What seems like years ago I removed and painted the trim around the window. The lower trims on the rear side windows had got a couple of marks on them.....

Removed, sanded down, etch primered and a couple of coats of satin black.....


The last time I did them I hung them off the washing line and it was a ****** to paint as the slightest of breeze has them dancing in the wind. A couple of bent welding rods and I had 2 floating stands lol


will need flatting back and another coat tomorrow......


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spurned on by the success of the redying of the seats on the S5 and Dad's TT i wanted a black dye to do the steering wheels and gearknobs on the S5 and TT and also to do the black leather on my other half's A3...

a kit was duly ordered and despite Royal Mail losing the first delivery, fair play to Colourlock they quickly addressed the issue and sent out another kit with no quibbles at all... i have promised that if the other kit arrives that i'll advise them and either send it back or pay for the second kit.


So with everything set up and hair dryer to hand (never any need to do this on the TT as they came built in didn't they...??? :lol:)

The areas of concern where on the top outer diameter where your hands normally grab, it being slightly worn.



Isn't bad, but can be better....

The steering wheel was wiped with TFR to degrease (not that it is dirty by any stretch of the imagination) it and give a clean base to start with.

Then the surface was lightly keyed with 800 grit wet and dry, it doesn't need much...

Then the dye was applied following Colourlock's tutorial... light dabbing, then dry with the hair dryer... repeat as necessary. I did about 10 applications all in



much improved and is now a uniform colour all over again, obviously as i have the light coloured stitching, i had to be very careful not to get the dye on that and the dye is a perfect match to the unworn areas so have blended in superbly....


Gearknob can be tomorrows effort as the chrome trim on that will need masking up.... and the steering wheel will need buffing up after leaving the dye to cure for 24 hours....


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It's been a funny year..... to date it has been eventful....
Pretty much the same as everyone else's I suppose but we've had to cope with....
a pandemic
pasta shortages
toilet roll shortages
idiots who can't social distance
idiots who cannot wear a mask
going onto furlough (which I saw as a blessing for increased family time and I got to see my daughter...
My daughters 1 year old birthday (life defining moments I love like this)
got made redundant (hooray...!!!)
secured another position, enabling me and my family to finally relocate back over to Norfolk (double hooray)….
So, I am sat here writing this from temporary accommodation in Norfolk, as we don't complete on the new house until 29th August, my new position started 2 weeks ago, so it'll be a tough couple of weeks away from family as I won't have time to get home as am busy setting up the new facility for the business I've been engaged by....
The S5 for the short term has been pressed back into daily use as the company car went back, and I don't want another company, the allowance will do as I fancy a 2008 ish era A8 4.2 diesel for the daily.... but not found one yet, and may not sort that till new year.... which means the S5 can go back to a holiday car.
however I still have little jobs needing doing on the S5 (can't do the A3, or Dad's TT as they're 200 miles away in the opposite direction lol
As the S5 is only ever used in sunshine the original washer jets had gummed up as they are never used. So I took it as an Omen from the Audi gods to upgrade from the jet style originally fitted, to the fan style as fitted to the A6
Part numbers
left side 4G0 955 987A
right side 4G0 955 988A
they are handed, so ensure you have them the right way around... fitting is a doodle, once you've removed your old jets empty your previous screen wash as it is recommended to only use the Audi version (it may be ****** but I bought some anyway)
The jets were £9.76 + VAT each from my now local Norwich Audi lol

old and new side by side
and fitted.... not the most exciting of pics haha

and back to fully working screen washers...
I also finally had delivered the new air con pollen filter, I went for the anti microbial variety.
Mann part number FP2450
old and new together, the old one had a dated stamp of 2007... surely not the original one???

should hopefully remove the subtle musty smell on start up from the aircon in the early mornings....


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another year..... another MOT


passed with flying colours, no advisories....

had zero time to do any car stuff recently as moved across country and busy with work but am enjoying using the S5 as a daily again.... fuel bills are horrendous but the smiles per miles are worth every penny
Great thread.

Can I ask what size lowering springs you used? The drop looks nice without being OTT.

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I thought my OCD was bad, but nothing compared to yours :thumbs up:

How tricky was is it to remove the window surrounds, still not 100% happy with the wrap I’ve done?


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I thought my OCD was bad, but nothing compared to yours :thumbs up:

How tricky was is it to remove the window surrounds, still not 100% happy with the wrap I’ve done?

lol..... wasn’t tricky, just time consuming as a lot of the interior from the waistline up had to be removed...
rear shelf, A,B and C pillar trims and all parts near them had to be removed to get to them.....
Then extreme care on removing the seals so as not to damage them and them lots of photos to remember how everything all attached back as factory.... plus having the correct sized stainless rivets to reattach the trim, plus remembering to treat all holes where the rivets where drilled out so no future corrosion came back etc
Once all trims removed you need to remove all trace of the original anodising else the paint won’t adhere.... then the time spent removing the bonded on rubber trim and then reattaching it as factory....

would I do it again? Absolutely in a heartbeat


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Mines the sport back and I’ve just purchased a new pop rivet set, so may have a go.