S5 B9 ipod and Virtual Cockpit


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Since I took delivery of my car in April I have had trouble using an ipod touch 6 with Virtual Cockpit. It has ios 11 installed and I initially had 2 issues:

1. When playing tracks it would not update the playing track name on central display and VC and would then show the track name of the previous track that had played consistently.
2. For Podcasts the list shows every podcast that has ever been on the ipod, even though most are long deleted. When choosing one to play you get a completely different podcast.

My partner has a standard A3 (2018) with normal instrument panel and it works perfectly with none of the above glitches.

The other week firmware updated to IOS12 and that rendered ipod totally unusable in both the S5 and A3. I have now downgraded to the last IOS11 release available and it has returned to the previous state with the addition that in Artist list it shows each artist twice. If you choose the first entry it does not play, if you choose the second it works OK.

I have spoken to Audi and they say the last certified IOS release is 9.1.

I do not want to use Apple car play from my iPhone as that then means I can not use the phonebox to connect 2 phones and steering wheel controls are not available.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and found a resolution. Alternatively what are other recommendations for loading media into the car in a form that is usable/navigable from the MMI.

I was advised that Android phone integration was better than Apple as they are less prescriptive about the interface.



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Yeah, I do have to say that Android Auto has been really good for me and the missus, she ALWAYS has Spotify on now and even has playlists for the kids to sing along to. Never had any issues and the maps are great when the cars satnav is not good enough