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S5 and the white stuff

kempus Nov 30, 2010

  1. kempus

    kempus Registered User

    Hi folks,

    Thinking about trading in my BE A3 Sportsback for a S5. At the moment my A3 is stuck in the carpark and wont be moving anytime soon! Low profile tyres, FWD and snow are a no go.

    I've aslo got a qashqai which is keeping me going great in this weather but the need for 2 cars has now gone so time to consolidate 2 into one!

    I know its bad but was looking at a Range Rover Sport as its a big car with loads of toys or the S5 as its a bullet of a machine with toys!

    Any thoughts? Oh and Q7's are just tooooo pricey for a high spec one! Oh and i'm talking used with both!

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  3. PetrolAholic

    PetrolAholic Registered User

    Please avoid the chelsea tractor!!!!!

    S5 :) imagine the prices have took a bit of a hit with release of RS5 too? Don't know without looking though.

    What about RS4? I can vouch they go like a bullet too lol
  4. kempus

    kempus Registered User

    RS4 I like but looks dated compared to the rest of the Audi line up tho I did go see one at my local dealer, pressed that start button and feck me!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

    How the RS4 handle the snow? Basically low profile, quattro and snow work?
  5. PetrolAholic

    PetrolAholic Registered User

    RS4 handles the weather really well. However wouldnt base a sale of a car on 2 weeks of bad weather for the year!

    The quattro has really helped me getting about with the weather though, even with the Pzero Rosso's I have fitted. Seems to be a bit better with a mechanical 4wd system other than a haldex system.

    I usually take my cars off the road come december was planning to put the RS4 in shelter but have now decided its more of a help to me outside! And I really don't like big 4x4's lol.

    On a side note I am looking for a Landy Defender if you know anyone wanting rid. If this weather gets any worse I think that will be my weapon of choice lol

    As for looking dated then that's your opinion :)
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2010
  6. The911SC

    The911SC Registered User

    S5 is a superb alrounder - a real 'GT' feel to it..
    Just sold mine on (and I have a Q7 as well!)..
    S5's pulling about 23K now for high'ish mileage but the v8 engine laps it up no problem. Its about the best all round car I have ever had (and i include the rs4 in that).. Can recommend highly enough...

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