S4 uprated lowering springs


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so, despite my adaptive suspension, my S4 still feels too wallowy and soft ( perhaps it’s after coming from a very firm Bilstein equipped Subaru ). Anyway I’d like a little more firmness and am thinking about some lowering springs! I don't want to slam the car or anything, but I wouldn’t mind reducing the front wheel to wheel arch gap a bit too and giving the car a more balanced stance ( I’ve always felt that the back end is a bit lower than the front )My question is are the lowering options that people have used been firmer or to they just maintain original comfort with a lower ride height ?
I suppose on the S4 I’m already 20mm Lower than standard- is that correct?
Can anyone recommend a product that is lower, particularly at the front and is uprated - possibly 20-30% firmer ???


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Eibach do a pro lowering springs kit which works very well and doesn’t lower the car too much am sure it’s around 20mm.

I am the same as you I think the car should be lower, I haven’t got round to ordering mine yet but I will in the next few month

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Firstly p-l-e-a-s-e put your model/type in your signature. so other members know what you have, to in turn help you.

Have Eibach Pro Spring kit # ending 7-22 for the Avant, or 5-22 for the sedan. Same front springs but heavier in the rear for the porkier wagon.
Yes 'S' suspension is already lowered 20 mm. Ours lowered a further 12mm with a rake (rear higher) of approx. the same.
Former vehicle was a Subaru Liberty/Legacy "Tuned by STi" turbo wagon which had the yellow Bilstein struts & pink springs. Was too hard!!!
S4 suspension much softer, found the Eibachs s-o-o much better in handling & thought the ride was better than OEM.

Tyre brand/type/size & pressures should be factored in to what one is seeking.


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I didn’t find legacy billies and pink combo too hard so I’d gladly have that that again to be honest.

I actually find the s4 quite easy to unsettle when really pushing on, so a bit more control would be great ! The adaptive suspension does its job on certain bumps but doesn’t do enough in my book to control body roll.
Think at some point I’ll also be looking at some uprated anti roll bars and polly bushes.


Ended up with a 034 Motorsport adjustable rear bar, even though shipping from US was horrendous. Thicker & solid c/f OEM hollow bar. Our S4 had dreaded understeer. This reduced it significantly, and further reduced changing tyres - P Zeros' to PS4S.
Forget Eibach front & rear bars. Eibach will not sell separately & rear is so close to OEM, even the national distributor said not to bother.
Had polly bushes on the Subie. Brilliant. Will be getting some down the track.