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S4 to TTS

Phill_ Feb 28, 2018

  1. Phill_

    Phill_ Audi S4

    Hi guys, had the S4 for nearly 3 years, so time to pick a new Audi!

    Think I'm going to go for a new TTS - Has anyone gone from a b8.5 to a TTS? Opinions etc?
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  3. Breezey

    Breezey Member

    Going from a B8 to a TTS in the next week or two this may be way too late, the TT forum doesn’t t seem to get much use. I would highly recommend a test drive the feel is very different, much more sporty. I had thought I would be missing the power but going from a stage 1 manual S4 to the Stronic TTS the drop in power feels quite minimal.
  4. M1ke H

    M1ke H Active Member Audi TTS Deep Green Pearl

    Haha! Coming from the S3 section, the difference is "noticable" :rolleyes:

    (Other fora may also be available..... :wink: )

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