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  1. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Still not sold the s4 cab, summer's been to nice to sell it. Still looking around as it's not practical with a 10 month old around now. Im wondering about getting an rs4 avant but as my car is 2007 and the rs4 with the naturally aspirated v8 kinda finishes around that year too I'm not sure whether I'd want to swap a 2007 for a 2007. Although they seem to hold their value loads more than the s4.

    What are people's thoughts? Would you go 2007 low miles or look for a newer one without the naturally aspirated engine? Obviously a bit more expensive as newer but not necessarily by too much more.

    The interior apart from bucket seats and flat steering wheel will be exactly the same to my s4 so not gaining anything there. Would I really enjoy the rs4 v8 much more than my s4? Like around £15k enjoyment more?

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  3. AudiB720TS

    AudiB720TS Member

    Well, your V8 S4 doesn't output 420 horses, right?
    The RS4 B7 also looks like a whole different car compared to the S4 (which is easily mistaken for an A4 with S-Line options).
    So you get more performance and more attention on the road. The B7 RS4, given time, will likely appreciate in value.

    I would totally buy the RS4 B7 (I think its the best looking generation) if ownership wasn't so expensive in terms of gas, insurance, and tax.
    The car itself is quite affordable at the moment.
  4. maxdrz400

    maxdrz400 Active Member

    S4 b8, same sort of money as rs4 b7, cheaper to run, newer so more reliable and a remap can have it laying down simillar power. No brainer really!
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  5. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Must admit the s4 b8 and ability to do some tweaks on power would be good. Just watched a video on YT by Chris Harris from Top Gear and he said the same while testing the two against one another.

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