S4 service schedules and other questions


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Jul 17, 2018
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In my quest to get a nearly new S4 can someone confirm the first 2 year service schedules. Ie at what mileage or time intervals are services required

I just want to make sure that any car I look at has been serviced properly

Also if looking at a high mileage nearly new vehicle what things should be looking out for

In particular I have my eye on a march 2017 vehicle with over 21000 miles which seems a lot for a s4. Or perhaps its not a lot. Are S4 motorway cruisers as my understanding is that high mileage vehicles tend to be motorway miles. I have bought high mileage diesels in the past without any problems but not a performance petrol car

If I bought what turned out to be a turkey would audi under their warranty sort out any issues in any event

Also do most people who buy second hand audis do so through audis approved scheme