S4 Service at 60k-ish


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Just had my car serviced and requested a full service as I only had the oil changed about 10 months ago and the plugs about 18 months ago.

Audi said that I do not need to change the spark plug until 80k, also the same for the air filter.

my question (maybe I am missing something) but the manual states that I should change the plug every 40k using unleaded or 15k using leaded, I use Optimax 90% of the time so should 40k be OK or should it be 15k.

One last thing, the air filter should this not be changed at least every year...?

my previous car was the Cav 4x4 Turbo (petrol) and everything was serviced at least every 4-6 months to keep it in good health.


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I recently serviced my previous A4 Tdi for a friend that now owns it.
Audi state the air filter should only be changed every 40K. I checked it anyhow even though it was only changed 13K miles ago. Glad I did because it wasn't exactly clean.

You can't do the car any harm by servicing it more often than what the book states and the air filter isn't expensive.



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Thanks for the feedback

I was quoted about £150 for the filter and plugs fitted, going on about £70+ just for a set of plugs. Changing the filter not a problem, but the plugs are a different story..? Hayes books dosen't cover the S4..? are these easy to change (do not look like normal plugs), is there any servicing manuals for these cars.