S4 Samco Hoes - Fitting Cost


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I want to upgrade my hoses to samco ones.

Does anyone know a cost for fitting?

Dan Gliballs

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How long's a piece of string? ;) How many pipes?

Are you reasonably handy yourself? :)

I have a Samco Y-Pipe that cost about £54 as a part,................I couldn't tell you anymore about the things though sorry.


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The string is just short of 1m...

I am pretty handy?!? Would rather just pay someone to do it though.

Its the 12 piece hoses kit i wanted to buy.


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mawhitey said:
A coupleor three hours of labour tbh and a refil of coolant should do it i recon
S4 samcos are only the boost hoses not coolant so no need to drain the system.
2 hours max to change.


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Excellent thanks people


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The full kit is LOTS of pipes, inlcuding intercooler etc, so bumper off. TBB and F-Hose alone could take an hour.

I think 3 hours+.

I had the TBB and F-hose done only as precaution and will do others as and when required or when car apart and it's sensible to do so.