S4/S5 tuning options


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Hi guys,
I'm thinking of coming back to the Audi brand and jumping into a S4 or S5 sportsack and was wondering what tuning options are available.
Last time I was around here the later S4/S5 ECU was not yet cracked and there was alot of nervousness surrounding Audi's new found ability to detect a mapped ECU this invalidating warranty.
As a result if this I believe a number of tuners were switching to tuning box technology instead of flashing the ECU. Such that it could be removed prior to service/diagnosis etc.

Any info would be useful......


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CREC engines fitted in cars from mid 2014 use the SIMOS 16 ECU. Many but not all tuners are able to remap it via OBD port. I know that the following in the UK have confirmed that they can (alphabetic order):

There may be others I don't know about. For example AmD - I think they might but I haven't confirmed.

Remaps can easily be detected by reading the ECU flash status, so there is always a risk that a tuned car will be flagged TD1.
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Having had a box (A3 TDi) and a flash (S5) tune, I'd go the flash tune every time...