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Mar 7, 2010
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Hitchin, Herts
Since switching to the S4 from the S3 I haven't managed to resolve my tablet mount issue for the kids in the rear.

I used to use a Scosche head rest mount, but now I have one piece sports seats these can't be fitted.

I tried using the Scosche dash mount fixing them to the back of the seat front seats, but they just won't create any kind of hold. The only solution I've come up with is to fix the mount to the fixed glass panel on the pan roof, but this is to high and the kids can't reach their tablets.

Has anyone else found a solution to this issue. Any tips would be appreciated.

Of course I could just get them to play Eye Spy like I did on long car journeys, but not sure that will go down that well with these modern kids!
I had dvd screens that were attached to seats by means of a bit of webbing that you tightened around headrest supports. With the supersports i let the strap out enough to be pretty slack and then hung it off the back of the seat. A bit like a belt around the top part of the seat. Maybe you could fashion something similar?
There are ones that use adjustable belts to sling around the seats that might work...
Thanks for your help.

I've just bought a couple of these...

TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder for all Kindle Fire

You can wrap them both ways round a headrest so think they should work. Using them on the Supersport seat has it's flaws as the headrest isn't square plus the smooth surface on the back makes keeping the large elastic band in place a bit tricky, but it's my best option so far and I will give them a go for our road trip to France at the weekend.
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Looking for a tablet mount on supersport seat solution also.

What did you find the best solution in the end please? Link to product would be great.

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