S4 or 335d x drive


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Hello chaps I am very shortly looking to change my B8 2011 black edition I absolutely love this car in every way but would love some more power, I have had many cars over the last couple of years including a 330d convertible a c350 amg sport mercy but now am torn between 3 x cars, I have driven all 3 and all are different completely,

A5 black edition plus / 3.0tdi
B8.5 S4
And .... F30 335d x drive

There are many differences in all of these cars and I suppose it comes down to personal choice, the 3.0tdi will be good on fuel, the s4 will sound great and lastly although many may disagree the 335d is an absolute machine and drives great, would be great to hear from people who have maybe driven all of the cars above and can offer some advice, look forward to hearing some thoughts


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Having not driven any of the above I’m not really much use but when I saw 335d in the title them things are nuts 0-60 4.9s! I’m a massive fan of them best of both worlds fast but economical enough when needed. Would love to own one at some point.


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Purely personal point of view; however much power and torque they have, I find diesels joyless and workmanlike. They have their rightful place in cars that are designed primarily for practicality, but if I was looking for dynamics and enjoyment, it'd be the S4.

(Which is probably why I have one. :) )


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Big diesel engines are probably good fun, and effective as hell.

But come on, you're gonna miss revving the **** out of something and feel the powerband all the way to the redline!

Diesels are effective, torquey, can sound cool etc. But they only sound cool untill they shift at 4k and you feel disappointed feeling that there should be at least 2k more revs of holy goodness of sound before it shifts.

Sometimes I browse diesel cars online thinking I'd have that one, and that one, and that one. Then I go drive my tuned turbo petrol, do a pull, feel the powerband and sound and forget all ideas of going diesel :racer:


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If it was an S car vs an M car it'd be a closer match but the S4 is much more special than any diesel car and would surely put more of a smile on your face with the soundtrack, after a few months you'd most likely forgive it for being a little more thirsty and not think of 0-60 times.

Piston Heads might give a less biased review than here or see what they say on the BMW forums too for another side to the coin.


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I'm as sure as I can be, but happy to be corrected if you provide the evidence of a B8.5 S4 with a manual gearbox.

I would add that I'm taking about the UK; it's possibly different in other markets.
It was offered with manual in other markets for sure Although I cant speak for UK


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B8.5 in UK was only with DSG... I would have got a manual otherwise but now i quite like it. I was always one of them who thought automatic box was poor as the automatic cars i have driven were very poor. How things change with time....