S4 inspection service


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Car says I’m due my first inspection service in 15 days, only done 15k miles but car is 2 years old.

Will be ringing around and look for Indy price match, but anyone had any quotes recently?


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Had mine done recently - main dealer quoted £390 for inspection & oil change (was £430 ish but gave me a discount when I mentioned indy quote of £384). Main dealer didn't include pollen filter change though (a bargain at £65!).

Another main dealer quoted £498!


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Just had inspection and oil service, think it was about £430


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My s4 was about £260 for inspection only recently . They tried to include the oil, for total of £380 but it isnt due for another 9K miles. The service dept told me that it was a warranty condition that oil was done at same time as inspection. They even brought in the service manager. So I showed them the audi app on my phone indicating the oil wasn’t due, but inspection was. Walked them to the car to show them the same . First time we’ve seen the app” was the reply.


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Thanks all!

Oil service was done @9k and next one not due till 18k.

Heard back from my local dealer, £262 including pollen filter - have offered 10% off.
So that’s £236 all in.

On my last car I didn’t bother having the pollen filter changed so will decline this again.

Must be getting soft in my old age as price doesn’t seem that bad....for Audi that is!


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My local dealership quoted £177 just for the inspection, not including any parts I don't think!

Independent garage quoted £70 and updated the online service history for me as well. Sorted.