S4 Full Leather Recaro Swap


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I’ve searched around, and found loose information. But just trying to make sure. Making the expensive (some would say brave) decision, to buy a full black leather Recaro interior within the next 2 weeks.

Just wondering do I need to be made aware of any gremlins regarding fitting these? Mine is a saloon with electric lumbar support. I’m reading if I have electric lumbar, they should fit in with regards wiring. Should I expect any surprises regarding the seat rails? Is the rear bench simple to swap over as well?
These seats also have a broken lumbar on the drivers seat. I know you can get a repair kit from Audi for these seats. Motor still has power, so much the lumbar pad snapped off the drive cable.

If everything goes to plan here, I’ll have a full TQS interior to sell, plus a black leather centre armrest as well. Will list in classifieds as and when.


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I fitted a TQS half leather recaro saloon interior into my avant with no issues on the fronts and just a tweak to the rear seats locking mechanism and pivot point. If yours is ‘like for like’ then it’s very very simple. More or less plug and play.

I’ll try and find my thread on my install and stick it up here...

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Yeah, the ones I’m looking at are to fit a saloon. So really was hoping they would go straight in.
I’ll have a look at your install thread, cheers.