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can anyone tell me what mpg to expect to get fron a B6 S4 4.2 V8 please? im torn between having a B5 rs4 or a B6 s4. i know roughly what to expect from the v6 rs4 but the b6 v8 is newer, prob more reliable, costs about the same to buy and im a huge fan of V8 engines.


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Dont know about the fuel consumption but to me a B5 RS4 is 10 times the better car.They look awesome where a B6 S4 looks almost like an ordinary A4 IMO.


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yeah, good point. rs4 will hold its value better too but with regular 400 mile trips to see family, hopefully some european driving and some track days i just worry how a 6yr old car with twin turbos will cope compared to a newer, normally aspirated v8. Although im used to the b5 shape in general and its related faults but no virtually nothing about the b6.


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I get 23/24 on a run of about 90mph on the way upto scotland.
I get about 19mpg combined
around town i get about 13-15mpg.

non of the above hanging about tbh


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Yes Im with James on that one, RS4 all the way, More of a unique motor aswell. mmmmm nice!!!


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I was in exactly the same situation as you were SteveS back in January. I decided on the V8, partly to do with it being newer/less miles, but also it is a generally easier car to live with day to day.

The RS4 is all about BHP, which is fine if you want to drive round at 4000rpm+ all day or on a track (where you'd get c10mpg), whereas the V8 sounds ****** awesome, can pull 6th gear from 15mph easily all the way through to 155mph if roads allow, and is more comfortable.

Yes the RS4 looks better, but in real world day to day living the S4 wins IMO.

Oh yes, I get c19mpg on most journeys, and up to 25mpg on a sedate cruise (c75mph). At 90mph NotNormal I'd get c20-21mpg.

I generally get c230 miles to the tank full, and I dont hang about either. Neither will you when you hear the engine...


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I've had my B6 S4 for about 6 weeks now (so i'm still in the honeymoon period, and therefore have a much heavier right foot than I usually do!) but I seem to be getting an average 20-22 MPG combined.

But to be honest, I try not to pay too much attention to the MPG as it would get too depressing! In fact for the first week I drove everywhere with the DIS showing consumption, but I've had to turn it off now!

I think once you mentally accept that it's going to be thirsty - you can move on! The engine is a nice distraction!


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thanks guys, im still looking and still deciding! a b6 s4 is probably more sensible for me as i'd rather be spending cash on fuel and extras than on repair bills i might get with an older turbo'd car.