S4 front calliper bleed screw - Audi Warranty


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My car (still just in manufacture warranty) went in for a brake fluid service last week.

I got one of those nice videos saying they needed to replace the front callipers as the outer bleed screws on both sides were seized. £1,500 please.

I told them to contact Audi UK warranty, not sure why I had to do it but there you go. Warranty eventually approved sorting them out. Today they have magically been un-seized.

What would you do next?


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Not use that Audi dealer again and find a reputable independent specialist and try them next time instead.


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But then the op would have to pay for what could be an intermittent issue..

spartacus 68

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Honestly, change dealership, that's atrocious. Bleed nipples do seize, but that said if I was faced with one I'd stick a 10mm socket on it after a little PlusGas and heat rather than use a hex spanner specifically for bleed nipples. Worse case scenario, if it breaks the remaining thread can be drilled with an ever increasing drill bit, then pick out remnant thread. Does that price include exchange?

When I do a brake fluid change or brake service, I cover the exposed brake nipple thread with marine grease.