S4 Door Warning Lights


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Mar 7, 2010
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Hitchin, Herts
This might be a basic question, but I have just noticed that the red warning lights in my door sills are not eliminating when the doors are opened. I think I have been too preoccupied by the 4 rings puddle lights to notice!!
I am assuming these are lights and not just reflectors? I can't find any settings in the menus to turn them off so I am a bit confused. I can't find anything written in the manual either!
Assuming they are the same as my S5 then they are 'passive' reflectors
Thanks. I had lights in the doors on my S3 so just assumed the S4 would have them as well :huh:
I mentioned this to Audi themselves in a little list of things that were slightly annoying. Thing is, my wife got an S-Line A3 around the same time as I got the S4 and she has illuminated door sills AND the door warning lights. I was not best pleased to discover this. Nice to see there's a workaround, thanks cuke2u :)
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