S4 discs, pads and shocks


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Just picked up a 2013 S4 and I'm looking to refresh suspension and brakes. I dropped it into an Audi dealer for an oil change and inspection and it needs a couple of parts. Audi prices are absolutely nuts so looking to pick up parts online and get fitted by a local independent.

  • I'm looking for discs and pads reccomendation, I wanted to go down the Macan caliper route but with the suspension bits needed I'll hang on for now.
  • I need 2 rear shock absorbers, both leaking apparently.
  • "Lower straight arms" I've no idea what this is, it's under front suspension. Any ideas?
  • "Upper control arm bushes worn" - Also not too sure exactly what I need here.

Any help in avoiding the stealership would be great.


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Hi buddy.

Welcome to the joy of owning a S4.

1: Depends what power you are looking at getting stick with standard disks. Pads make all the difference so go for Ferodo or similar. Expensive but worth it.
2: The rear shocks are an easy job to do. You can get them from autodoc.
3: I changed the 4 bottom arms and they were a pain to do. There are two sets of arms, one set is bent (large) one set is straight. Easy to spot under the car. I would advise to got a full kit from autodoc again as no4 needs changing, they might as well change the whole lot. I would advise some one else to do it as PINCH bolts are utter ****!

The suspension arms will cost you quite a few bob to source and replace.

My went at around 50k so even standard audi parts don't last.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the car.


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I think total cost was < £400 for the parts. I think OE rears with EBC fronts is sensible, that will lower your cost. The thing with Red Stuff is to follow the break in procedure, which I did to a T. If I was keeping the car forever I might go another route; such as GiroDisc's 2 piece rotors with G-Loc pads :)