s4 caliper help


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Does anyone know what colour the s4 calipers were from the factory? i'm trying to smarten up my car and i think the calipers need some love. They're currently rust coloured!

Also does anyone know if those caliper clips with s4 across them are genuine?

Cant seem to find a good picture online :sos:


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My S4 callipers are just plain old gloss black mate. No decals on my clips either and my mates is the same so I think standard on the b6 was plain black


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Yeah, they're just black or dark grey. I think the clips were a genuine option but they look ****.


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I had a look at a 16 plate S4 in our carpark yesterday - it appears to be an untouched 'standard' version but it DOES have logoed clips on it. Calipers appear to be black with the clips being grey. took some pics but not brill..... Looks like the newer cars do have this as standard but the B6 seems unlikely. The clips & the decals are readily available though so it seems like a nice inoffensive little mod to me. :rugby:
I am however biased 'cos I made & stuck logoed clips on my B7......

S4 16 plate.jpg
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