S4 Cabby - slipping clutch ?


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Is this a problem ...

Out on Sunday and was in a hurry .. Dropped from 4th to 3rd to accelerate
past slower vehicle and watched engine spin up to it,s redline .. horrified..

Hardly any acceleration .. Is this a problem or am I asking something it cannot do
given quattro / weight / bhp etc ..

No issues under normal / even hard acceleration threw gears or any wear else ?

Confused .. worried .. Advice please gents ..


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Any clutch could slip, but with it just in the one gear is strange. Could it be that the gear didn't engage properly and you were effectively just revving in neutral? I accidentally did this the other day but then realised.

If it was slipping, you'd be able to make it slip by flooring it, especially up a hill.


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Ive replaced one and only one,could be it got hot if you were sitting in traffic with clutch depressed ?


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I was heading back from Leeds on M62 when this occurred, so no standing traffic etc .. I was wondering
if anybody else had come across this issue , I have had the car for some 6 months without any problems and enjoyed ever
minute :grinning:. My gut feeling is there is no problem and I am a little over sensitive .. It is 10yr old after all , to be expected ?