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S4 Breather hoses/ catch can/ PCV valve

hooblah May 28, 2016

  1. hooblah

    hooblah Registered User

    Long winded but I'm attempting to install a BMC CDA air filter/induction kit and was wondering what I have to do with the breather that goes on the side of the air box?
    I will be removing the aux rad and fitting a flexible duct to route air to the filter.

    Secondly, I was doing a bit of reading and found that replacing the pcv valve can cure excessive oil consumption. One of my exhaust tips goes black quite quickly.

    Thirdly, is it possible to vent crank case direct to atmosphere or do I need to use an oil catch can?

    Thanks guys.
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  3. Greeny233

    Greeny233 It's all about the V8.

    Both of my tail pipes go black very quickly and the car uses oil.I've been thinking that the breather system was at fault for my oil consumption issues, so i think i'm going to change the PCV. I'll see how it goes.
    You could just fit a breather filter to the breather pipe that goes to the air box and just vent to atmosphere.
  4. hooblah

    hooblah Registered User

    Ok well I've decided to keep the air box and have a cold air feed instead.

    Which leads me on to the new problem:

    So this weekend amongst other things I deleted the aux rad and changed the pcv valve.
    Started the car up and left it idling, after a few seconds I thought oh **** I need to add some coolant. Can't have been idling for more than 5 mins until I topped it up. There was still water I the system anyway.

    Ok so after a few mins the car started smoking heavily from the n/s exhaust pipe (thick white smoke). The other one was fine. I thought meh, it's probably just oil in the breather system. So I took it out for a hard drive for 10-15 mins. I got home and was suffering from.brake fade. The street was filling with smoke from my brakes. But no smoke.
    A minute or two later it starts smoking again. o/s exhaust pipe. I have the factory exhaust.

    So seeing as it's only smoking from one side, did I blow the head gasket because I didn't top up the coolant fully before I started the engine? If this isn't the case what else could be the problem? I didn't touch anything else on the engine and now I'm shitting bricks!
  5. hooblah

    hooblah Registered User

    Ok solved.
  6. mattmanwrx

    mattmanwrx Used to have a wrx. Now an S4 VCDS Map User

    What was the problem buddy?
  7. hooblah

    hooblah Registered User

    I was just being a spack lol.

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