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S4 B9 turbo upgrade

MarkLand Apr 27, 2017

  1. MarkLand

    MarkLand New Member


    This post is me thinking loud. Just considering the options to build a very fast car. Used S4 B9 are in my budget and I planned a tuning extension of 10K. I don't care about the resale value nor the warranty. Should anything wrong happen, that is lost money and I would be back in another car. That is it.
    Pleasure comes first here.

    I know TTE offers very crisp turbos for VAG and actually among the most potent ones.
    But other makers may have some too.

    Who on the market offers the most breathtaking turbo upgrade (which goes along other parts too). I wonder If a stock not-yet-for-sale b9 RS4 will not be cheaper than forging the engine (cranckshaft, cams, rods.. if not already done by Audi, could not find in / totally misread the specs) of a b9 s4 and upgrading the intercooler + turbo (stock suspension but upgraded brakes may be important if the stock can't really hold it anymore).

    I am really after a turbo upgrade not a stage 1-2. Not sure if any tuning makers are on the v6 biturbo yet.

    Or should I be better with a RS3 with a turbo tune (the interior is not in the same league though).
    I am in Europe .

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  3. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Late reply but developments are being made. The problem people are having is getting into the ECU. Still not even a remap option for my ECU yet. (November ‘17 build)

    My 9 year old 120,000 mile B8 3.0 diesel (stage2) is as quick as my B9 S4. Really needs a ****** remap and more besides. S4 feels very restricted.

  4. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    Ecu is triple encrypted apparently!


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  5. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Explains the delay. Performance Torque said by the end of the year there will be a remap available. Some early builds can be tuned but not the later ones....yet.

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