S4 B8 Maintenance Schedule


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I've just taken ownership of a 2010 S4 B8 Avant and whilst I've got my head around the service intervals I can't find any information regarding the maintenance schedule for different parts of the car.

For instance I'd like to know what the supercharger and aux belt change interval is and the sports different fluid change interval but don't know where i should be looking.

Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the response. Is there anywhere that actually states these maintenance periodicities?


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Thanks for that. Where did you get this info from? The items I stated were examples and I'd be interested to see the complete maintenance periodicities for the car.


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My service book laid all this out. I imagine it would be on the net if your service schedule book has gone astray.


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My car has just had a service and the adviser said SC belt is due, as my car is on 90k I put 2 and 2 together.


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Thanks for the help guys. I've had a look through the attached PDF's and not been able to find anything. One of the Technical Training docs has some intervals for the A4 but nothing for the S4.

Anyone else have any ideas where this information can be found. I've been through the service manual provided with the car and it has reference to periodicities for air filters and spark plugs but oddly not things like belts and diff oil etc.


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It's in the Service Schedule. Incase you don't have it, here's mine.


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You legend. Just what I was after. So does that book normally come with the service record and manual in the car? Don't think I have that.

Thanks again.


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I'm finding it a bit hard to swallow a service Quote I got from an Audi dealership in Australia for my 2010 B8 S4 with 60,000kms, I'm obliged to bring do my servicing with Audi due to an extended warranty I have, but there pricing seems to be way off the mark. I'm not exactly 100% convinced and I'm wondering are they trying to rape me, any help would be much appreciated. Also I was think there are some items like the brake fluid, spark plugs, pollen filter and washer additive that I can perform myself, but unsure how this would affect warranty?

Here is the way Audi have broken down the Quote for me:

Standard items on 6yr/90,000kms service

  • Oil filter: $49.12
  • Pollen filter: $94.89
  • Engine oil: $198.09
  • Fuel additive: $34.10
  • Washer additive: $15.39
  • O-ring: $5.65
  • Workshop supplies: $10
  • Environmental levy: $15
  • Complete vehicle inspection
  • Labour: $479.16 (seems fairly high too me)
Total: $901.40

Additional works due at 60,000kms

  • Brake fluid: $152 (price seems extortionate and apparently these items are age based, every 2 years)
  • Gear oil x 7: $561.75 (apparently these items are kms based)
  • Transmission filter: $39.53 (apparently these items are kms based)
  • Washer: $2.55 (apparently these items are kms based)
  • Washer: $5.70 (apparently these items are kms based)
  • Seal: $16.94 (apparently these items are kms based)
  • Labour: $108.90

Total: $887.37

Additional works due at 6yr/90,000kms whichever comes first:

  • Ribbed belt: $119.87 (apparently these items are age based)
  • Ribbed belt: $60.54 (apparently these items are age based)
  • Spark plugs: $248.04 (this price is crazy and apparently these items are age based?)
  • Labour: $261.36

Total: $689.81

So adding on the transmission service (60k kms mileage only item), a 6 year service with additional works I'm looking at $2478.58


B5 then a B8.5
Ouch, that's nearly £1,500 at current exchange rates. Seems like Audi Australia have the same "premium" pricing model as the UK then.

In the UK they are doing a price match where participating Audi garages will meet the price quote of a local garage, maybe you could try that? If not I would certainly ask them to sharpen their pencil as even though you are getting a lot done it's very expensive.