S4 B8 1-2 upshifts at redline


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Anyone with an S4 B8/B8.5 sometimes experience a slow/hesitant 1-2 upshift, WOT at redline? For example when checking your 0-60 time, letting the car shift by itself in either M or S mode :)

Mine seems to do this occasionally, but to be honest its not something I get a chance to test very often. Sometimes the 1-2 redline shift will be 'normal' i.e. sharp and with almost no perceptible drop in acceleration. Other times it seems to hesitate and you can feel the acceleration drop whilst it changes gear.

Only ever happens on the 1-2 redline up shift, when letting the DSG shift on its own.
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Any issues with the dsg can 99% of the time be laid at the feet of the Mechtronic unit but could be as simple as software update.


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It's a brand new gearbox. I've had two recently and both have behaved this way. I'd like to know if other cars are the same.


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None from mine, very slick up changes


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I think I know what you mean. I've had it a couple of times in 1 1/2 years, each time with in the same circumstance. I was going about 10mph in 2nd (Auto mode) then floored it so it changed down to first. It rapidly reached the redline (almost) and changed up, but I don't think it was quite enough time for the 2nd gear to get fully spinning at the correct speed. At least that's what I've put it down to.


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I think a lot of these kind of scenarios are down to the circumstance and the time required to line up the next cog.

There was a thread over on a US site about early 2nd gear upshift to 3rd when nailing it in manual mode.
However, when you read between the lines, the scenario is such :
  • The speed to rev out 1st is so fast in the top rpm range that the user pulls the paddle for 2nd moments after the software has done the same.
  • This causes a double shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.
  • 3rd is engaged at 5000rpm (ish), not because the software has told it too, or for any torque limiting / safety reasons, but because by chance that's the time is takes to respond to the double shift and get 3rd engaged.
Therefore there is nothing wrong with the box, it's just clutch/gear alignment and the car doing things faster then the driver, or vica-versa.


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My S-tronic B8 S4 also exhibits a noticable delay on upshifts at the redline in manual mode, and not just in 1st gear.

On WOT if you request an upshift early with the paddles (say 6k) the gearbox responds seamlessly, but if you allow the car to reach the rev limit the corresponding upshift is very slow, akin to that of a manual gear change.

The car has always done this, before MRC tuning, with MRC stage 2 and the same again with the DSG map applied. I've had the mechatronic circuit board replaced by Audi and this too made no difference to this behaviour.
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Thanks for the comments guys. A bit of searching over on Audizine suggests 1-2 redline shifts can exhibit some variance in duration. I spent a few hours testing mine out last weekend and found that my car would almost always perform a very fast 1-2 shift when floored from a dig. However a rolling start in manual mode would sometimes result in a slow 1-2 shift. I've had two new gearboxes recently so i'm pretty sure this is 'normal' behaviour.

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