S4 B6 heated, full power saloon recaros into A4 B6 avant


Resident Eejit
Thats him I'd say. He had a B7 RS4 and a white B6 S4. He has a tdi S3 8L and a mad V8 Daihatsu Charmant. Not too many people around with that combo of cars.

I don't remember see any B5 widebody saloon in his yard, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is working on one. Judging by his Charmant, I reckon he'd be mad enough to tackle building a widebody B5!
It's a good position to be in if you're not in a hurry but keep an eye out. I agree on the standard seats. You may as well be sitting on a kitchen chair :)
As a temporary workaround, if you're using Chrome as your browser, right-click the image placeholder and choose "open image in new tab". That should open each image one at a time in a new tab within photobucket.
I'm having trouble downloading my photobucket albums now, so I can upload the pictures elsewhere. When (if) I manage, I'll update this thread and all others that I can find time to edit.