s4 b6 exhaust

dave rutter

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hi all, just had a stainless exhaust fitted to my s4 4.2 v8. i heard of this place in Leeds , i,m in Doncaster, Tony Banks (longlife exhausts) and went to investigate a few weeks ago. needless to say i booked my car in and had it done yesterday. it was a fair bit cheaper than a milltec as well. so i had fitted the mid sports exhaust from the cat back . only took them 4 hours and i can say i am very impressed . no mods were needed to the rear valance and it sounds awesome . Tony Banks exhausts are in wortley leeds and would have no hesitation in sending anyone to have their exhaust changed


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Great to hear Dave!

Post up a vid of your exhaust if you can?

Im a big fan of custom work. Simply put, there is no need to fork out a small fortune on this when a local exhaust fabricator will build you an exhaust to your specification. Fortunately, I've got lots to choose from when I go custom 2.5'' decat all the way back (rhymes) !