S4 b6 Cabby Retrofit RNSE - advice please


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Wanting to upgrade from single to double - read most of the guides but have a few questions ..

OEM or after market ? The after-market appear to give you more for your money ?? What do you recommend
Make /model - or OEM - part number. What have you fitted ??

I only want to do this once so will go for the model with all the bells and whistles on it. - The car,s
a keeper ..

Part no for DD cage is - 8e0858005F , can anybody confirm this please.

Reading the guides I presume this could be completed in a weekend ?

Any further comments or advice welcome..


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Do you the full DIS? I'm pretty sure the s4s do. I like having the original rns-e in my (s4 b6 cab, can take pics if you want), as it connects with the DIS and the nav info comes through in front of the driver. I added aux in to mine. Might add bluetooth at one point, but in the receipts folder is "removed bluetooth module due to battery draining and not allowing the roof to come back up". Bluetooth only good for calls, not streaming.

For me, I wanted OEM. I want that factory look, and have it with the rns-e. The rns-e came with the car, and I wouldn't be changing it.

If I as to go for another head unit, I would be upgrading to the 3G "193G" newer rns-e which takes the larger sd cards, and I think reads the CDs better.