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Wanted S4 B5 Avant

Rfmacaskill Dec 16, 2017

  1. Rfmacaskill

    Rfmacaskill Member

    Have been running a B5 TQS saloon for 5+ years but its about to get broken so looking for a good S4 avant.

    I have a budget of £5k but may have a little more for the right car. Not too bothered about colour but would ideally like something a little understated i.e. dark blue / silver...but happy to consider any colour for the right spec.

    Wish list as follows:

    Must have requirements
    • Face lift
    • Bose
    • Recaro seats
    • Carbon trim
    • Double Din
    • FSH with all belts & water pumps recently done
    Ideal requirements (in no order of importance)
    • Upgraded stainless exhaust
    • Arm rest
    • Cruise control
    • Heated seats
    • HID upgrade
    • Mapped - stage 1 or 2
    • No front cut out of bumper to accommodate FMIC
    • New or reconditioned turbos
    • Upgraded clutch
    • Upgraded brakes
    • Upgraded suspension
    • Control arms
    • Towbar
    • Spare set of alloys
  2. Rfmacaskill

    Rfmacaskill Member

    Now sorted, S4 B5 Avant in black with good history, less than 116k on the clock and 'almost' all the bits I was after.

    Thanks to all who sent messages.


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