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S4 Avant (pre-facelift) buying advice please

Chromag Jul 27, 2020

  1. Chromag

    Chromag Registered User

    I am looking to buy an S4 Avant in the next few months and was hoping I could get some buying advice please. I owned a B8 S4 previously and had issues with the gearbox having to be replaced under warranty so would like to avoid as many issues as possible. So are there any inherent flaws with the design? Any niggles I should be looking out for?
    Also from what I've read the Matrix headlights are a must. Add to that B&O, a set of 19's, pan roof and I'm happy.
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  3. hellodave

    hellodave Registered User

    The thermostat housing is the only issue I can think of. Mine went after 18 months and it's quite a common problem with that engine. Replaced under warranty but some people's have gone more than once - there's a long thread on here about it.
  4. SiPie

    SiPie Registered User

    I'll second the thermostat housing, mine went last month at just over 10k miles.
    I don't have Matrix lights but I still find the lights on the B9 S4 excellent.
  5. Nham68

    Nham68 Registered User

    Wheel bearings. I’ve had one go at 25K miles. Took a technician on a test drive and he got it within 30 seconds .. common issue on A4 B9 platform he told me.
    Also, audio rattle and buzz from The dash when Playing loud bass rich music. Simple rectifiable fault (some damping tape).
    Other than that, been great to 34K so far.
    The best pack I have on mine (I have them all ) is the Driver Assistance Tour . Adaptive cruise is just ****** marvellous , and the blind spot assist is awesome on the motorway for added safety.
  6. hellodave

    hellodave Registered User

    How smooth is your adaptive cruise? Mine is fine most of the time but will occasionally brake late & sharply, which doesn't go down well with passengers!

    Traffic jam assist is particularly prone to it - despite there being a car metres in front it'll sometimes surge forward and then brake hard for no reason. Dealer insists ACC is all working normally.
  7. Nham68

    Nham68 Registered User

    it’s pretty good... I think it follows what you have as Drive Select... so if you’re in efficiency it’s pretty soft, , much harder in dynamic Etc....
  8. Keef

    Keef Registered User

    I have a 2017 S4, just on 22k miles
    Only issue was a leaking rear shock identified during service & replaced under warranty- not had the thermostat issue....yet
  9. Gurd.

    Gurd. Registered User

    I have the 2018 S4, Black Edition with the Pan-roof & the Matrix, no problems at all (fingers crossed). Only had the matrix in use when in a non-lit area and they are amazing but generally live in the City so not much requirement. The pan-roof for me is a must, love the light in the cabin and also additional air. Oh by the way, the 3D B&O system is unbelievable.
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