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S4 avant first time wash

Scottyderg Mar 14, 2018

  1. Scottyderg

    Scottyderg New Member

    after taking a load of advice from all you guys I hit the first wash, I was pushed for time so wasn’t a proper job as it’s getting machine polished in 2 weeks anyways just wanted To get it cleaned!

    over the moon first time doing some detailing and a proper wash aswell
    Done snow foam (karchers own because it came with it)
    Iron x off
    Foaming turtle wash wash by hand
    Chamois dry (then the clouds rolled in)

    Need to give the car a full polish but didn’t have time and the rain came. so just tried a bit of the new meguires nxt Tech wax 2.0 on the bonnet and wings as I was running out of time and the results are amazing!

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  3. jassyo06

    jassyo06 Voodoo Man ! Gold Supporter Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue S3 Saloon

    Use a dedicated Drying towel mate as a chamois will scratch the paint, get yourself a KKD XL Silverback drying towel and you'll dry the car far quicker, easier and safer, keep up the good work
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  4. pjeffe9172

    pjeffe9172 Active Member Team V6 Team Navarra Audi RS4

    +1 on this, get yourself a decent drying towel. I use one and spray a fine mist of quick detailer as a drying aid too. You will notice the difference.

    Well done for your first wash, looks great

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