S4 Avant exhaust, one side fake ?


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Hi All

I recently took delivery of my S4 Avant and noticed one cold morning that only on set of pipes ( driver's side) was actually working.

I got the following response back from Audi on this

'I have spoken to both our Parts and Technical Support Teams, they have advised me that this is normal operation as one of the exhaust tail pipes is blanked off.

If you are to look through them with the engine switched off, then you would be able to see the difference. '

I checked on the web and found some articles saying this is normal for high performance cars (Not specifically the B9 S4) and that a valve shuts one side unitl it's required ....

Wanted to get some of your thoughts as it seems a little crazy to have a full chrome exhaust pipe that does nothing ??

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Afaik it is like the RS3, one side shut at idle, both then open as you pull away (1st only) and from 2nd onwards both sides open at 3k or so.


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Yeah, I think that there's a mis-communication or something with Audi. There's definitely none that are blanked off, but the nearside have a butterfly valve before the back box that can close them both, and there's a second on the offside but it only operates a single tail pipe and you can see it looking up the exhaust.

They both open in dynamic mode so if you try that you will see condensation coming out of both sides. :)
It's the valves that cause this (the same in my S3).
I used VCDS to have the valves perm open (sounds much better).