S4 ARB's or RS4 ARB's?


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I'd posted this in the B6 section, thought it might get a better response here though. I know some peeps have replaced their stock ARB's to stop excessive body roll, but which is the best to go for?
Are the RS4 ARB's OTT? Have you found any degredation in grip?
Are the S4 ARB's a better compromise, ie more body roll than RS4, but better overall grip?

I'm worried that the RS4 ARB will make the car too stiff and result in an earlier loss of grip - or the back end stepping out too quickly, or maybe causing understeer. What are your thoughts?

Those that went for S4 ARB's - do you wish you'd gone for the RS4's.
Those that went for RS4 ARB's - do you wish you'd gone for the S4's?
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