S4 Anti Roll Bar Knock

Hi Guys

I have a slight knock comming from what i think is the Anti roll bar links on my 2003 S4.

I have tried to research this and I believe it to be a fairly common thing. It only does it on full lock, and only from time to time. there is no play in any of the bushes though

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any info greatly apprectiated.


Bong Water

In two minds
Usually means a perished drop link bush doesnt it? Mine is on its way out and the mechanic told me to expect it to knock on corners and bumps after my MOT was done but wasnt enough to fail MOT. Think it was £45 + VAT on my 1.8T Quattro A4
thats just the thing though, Ive had a look and none of them appear to be perished or worn. had the car up in the air and there is no movement in any of the bushes. admittedly it will behave differently when the weight of the car is on the suspension, but i even listened to the joints with a mech. stethoscope and could hear nothing. Really got me bamboozled this one. Thanks for the info tho, much appreciated :)