S4 and S3 lease deals .. seems like decent deals out there at the mo.


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I'm not affiliated to this company in any way , just on their mailing list and had a browse when I saw this deal.
S3 sportback - £2800 deposit + £320pcm 36months

S4 avant -£3900 deposit +£437pcm 36 months

S3 sportback deal that looked cheapest I'd seen in along time then checked their S4 deals and pretty impressed. Mind it's probably base spec but still.
Even a year ago standard tdi or tfsi quattros were all over £500pm with a healthy deposit.

Are those deal better than Audi are giving on a lease or PCP?

At this rate I'll be getting a new S4 When I trade up my B8.. the more I look at the B9s especially the interiors I'm falling haha.
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I can't speak for the S3 deal but I know my S4 (saloon not avant) deal was a lot less.

3+23 10k miles at £397 per month