s3 whine in 1st gear


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I have had the car a few weeks but I noticed a whine in 1st gear around 1500/2000 revs, sounds like the noise you get when you reverse, no noise in any other gear,I have taken it back to be checked but they said its normal for an s3, this is 1st time I have owned one is this true?

also a click behind the steering wheel when I turn, its a single click either way I turn, again they said its normal
anyone have the same or am I just worrying for no reason


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How old is the car?

Mine whined a bit in 1st and 2nd from new,and I thought nothing of it until the car was around 30 000 miles old and at Stg3 when the whine was getting irritating,and ocurring in 5th as well,under load.

While it was in for some work,the gearbox was opened,and a nice collection of brass filings were found from bearing wear,and the synchros on 1st through 3rd were shot,along with the transfer case.

Some of those like the synchros and selector forks are known issues.


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mines a 2007 with 50,000 miles it only makes a noise in 1st gear


Could well be some gearbox wear if the whine is becoming more apparent.

What to do though is more difficult,as opening the box will cost,irrespective of what's found to be the cause.....personally,I'd keep an ear out for it,and if it is getting louder,or gears become more difficult to select,that's the time to have it opened up.